opa1The story of the book ‘MY  NAME IS RED’ revolved around the Turkey of sixteenth century. But the point Orhan Pamuk makes is the recent one.
The gist of the story is that certain communities block the modernity in any field of life. Even the artists are prevented, even beheaded, for disobeying the so-called religious truth.
In ‘MY  NAME IS RED’ there are number of point of views, and the several story tellers. But that has barely affected the flow of the narrative: Orhan Pamuk is such a master of keeping continuity.
Primarily the novel walks around the life of the miniature artists living in Istanbul of late sixteenth century. But it depicts all types of human follies and demonstrates how the negative forces sway over the positive ones.
Narrative techniques Orhan Pamuk displays in the novel justifies the Nobel Prize given to him. He loves his city of Istanbul and he praises the city for its unmatched history of arts and the human tragedies the wars had given to the city. 

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